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36 Exercises To Reverse Lower Back Pain & Stiffness

36 Exercises To Reverse Lower Back Pain & Stiffness

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This 4 week program offers a comprehensive approach to alleviating discomfort and improving flexibility in the lower back region. Through a carefully curated series of exercises that target key muscles and areas prone to tension and stiffness, promoting strength, mobility, and proper alignment.

By engaging in regular practice, participants can expect to experience relief from lower back pain and stiffness as they gradually build resilience and support for their spine. These exercises focus on stretching tight muscles, strengthening weak muscles, and improving overall posture, ultimately enhancing the body's ability to move freely and comfortably. With commitment and consistency, individuals can find lasting relief and improved quality of life through this program.


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36 Exercises In 30 Days

Are you tired of constantly battling lower back pain and stiffness, whether you're sitting at your desk, waking up in the morning, or simply moving through your day? It's time to break free from the struggle. Introducing a meticulously crafted program featuring 36 highly effective exercises designed to alleviate lower back pain. This comprehensive regimen focuses on strengthening, mobilizing, and decompressing the key muscle groups and joints, empowering you to bid farewell to those nagging aches and embrace a lifestyle free from discomfort. For just $1 per day, you can embark on a journey towards reclaiming the joy of a pain-free lower back.

Your 85 year old self will thank you. 

Who Is This Lower Back Program For?

  • Desk Workers: Tailored for those who spend extended periods seated, combating lower back pain caused by poor posture or sedentary work environments. These exercises promote flexibility and alleviate discomfort, making the workday more manageable.
  • Athletes: Designed for athletes of all levels, addressing the strain and injuries often associated with rigorous training routines. Strengthening core muscles and improving stability, these exercises optimize performance and reduce the risk of future injuries, ensuring peak physical condition.
  • General Pain-Affected Individuals: Suited for anyone experiencing chronic or sporadic lower back pain, regardless of occupation or activity level. Targeting key muscle groups and joints, these exercises offer relief, enhance mobility, and promote long-term healing, empowering individuals to embrace a pain-free lifestyle.
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What is the New Year 30 Day Mobility Challange?

Committing to 15 minutes of daily morning mobility for 30 days to see the unlock the benefits of pain-free movement.

Who is it made for?

My Mobility Challenge is suitable for anyone feeling stiff day to day, experiencing back, shoulder, or neck discomfort, or those who want to proactively slow the feeling of ageing.

What is the duration of the program?

You'll receive 28 days worth of daily full body mobility routines. These can be repeated and progressed to deliver benefits into the long-term.

What exercises are included?

The program includes my top mobility movements to strengthen muscles, reduce stiffness, improve range of motion, increase joint health, and promote relaxation.